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  Electrical & Instrumentation
Home Projects Electrical & Instrumentation
Wet Gas Compressor (WGC) Interstage Condensate Pump Set P-2201C
Electricals & Instrumentation Design and Detailed Engineering for Installation of additional Wet Gas Compressor (WGC) Interstage Condensate Pump Set P-2201C and fire fighting system for the new pump set in the process plants of Refinery division in Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company (ORPIC).

Client : Arabian Oil & Gas Field Services LLC., Oman

Owner : Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company (ORPIC), Oman

Scope for Electrical :
Cable Sizing, Lighting Calculations, Updating of drawings of power cable route to new pump, Cable specifications, Earthing connection diagram, Cable schedules shall be for power, control cable to S/G /DCS / Motor, Material Takeoff.

Scope for Instrumentation :
Instrumentation Data/Specifications, Cable Block Diagrams, Loop Drawings, Termination Drawings, Cable schedule, I/O List, Updating exiting C&E diagrams, Write-up for Operation & Control Philosophy, Alarm & trip set point list, Material Takeoff.
Yanbu Export Refinery
Client : Radicon-Gulf, Saudi Arabia
Electrical cable tray layout (380kV GIS Substation no. SS01)- 3no’s 600 Width trays through GIS room
Electrical cable trays (LV Switchgear room inside Substation no. SS01)- 600W, 300 Width trays
Electrical cable raceway layout (Substation no. SS01)- conduit routing for 380kV GIS, LV Switchgear, Battery Mech. & SAS room
Equipment Layout – 380kV GIS (cable trench/duct routing shown in sections only)
Electrical cable trench/duct (380kV GIS Substation no. SS01)- GIS room
Electrical power layout (Substation no. SS01)
Electrical power layout - outdoor (Substation no. SS01)
Lighting layout (Ceiling plan-Ground & Mezzanine Substation no. SS01)
Power Transformer layouts & NGR’s along with panels
Fire Alarm Layout Substation no. SS01
Fiber Optic cable routing layout (Substation no. SS01) – tray routing & conduit routing